Virtual Systems Midnight Mail Management

Product information.

Midnight Mail is a powerful, web based mailing management system designed to help companies be more successful in printing and mail services, by giving users a powerful database to manage an entire range of jobs and programs.  It's for organizations who are expanding beyond the confines of traditional print and moving into more broad-based marketing services such as mailing, fulfillment, data analytics, purls, and email blasts.

Midnight Mail contains tools to help companies price these services correctly and manage complex marketing projects from start to finish, allowing them to maximize profitability by being more efficient.


Midnight Mail enables you to:

  • Capture mailing service revenues to increase profits
  • Create estimates, work orders, invoices, postage requests and more
  • Track complex tasks like data processing, ink jetting, and multiple drops
  • Full accounting for postage receipts, transfers, and escrow accounts
  • Provide customers with online reporting for marketing campaigns
  • Easy to use web based interface
  • Integrates with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smart-phones

Midnight comes with modules for CRM, estimating, project management, web-reporting services, postage accounting, and billing.  With easy-to-use web dashboards and interfaces, printers can quickly become experts at procuring and managing marketing projects.  The software also features a complete menu of expert pricing for mailing and marketing related services.  While many companies already have a system to manage their businesses and print, Midnight is specifically designed to help companies further leverage their investments in digital technology to gain a competitive advantage.

With Midnight, your team will be able to price and manage ANYTHING you provide for a customer, including those difficult to nail down parts of a marketing campaign like mailing and fulfillment services, data analytics, and set up of PURLS and email blasts.  Since the application is a web-based application, your team will be able to enter critical details pertaining to a client or a project, and gather details about project status at ANYTIME of the day or night.


Midnight Mail benefits include:

  • Increases productivity
  • Eliminates redundant paperwork
  • Provides better accountability for tasks
  • Integrates with standard accounting packages
  • Extends information with flexible reporting tools
  • Can be accessed anytime from anywhere