PlanetPress Capture

Product information.

Bringing Digital Accuracy and Speed To Pen & Paper

Central data systems, ERP or other, are updated with the relevant information in real-time.  Follow-up business processes, like the printing or emailing of an invoice, can be triggered instantly.  The sooner you send out an invoice, the sooner you get paid and with PlanetPress Capture, you get digital accuracy and speed without changing the way you work!

Key Features:

  • Capture Zones - Specific zone of a printed form that includes the unique Anoto pattern, where handwriting can be captured.
  • Data Transmission - Handwriting captured by the pen is transmitted to central data system where it is recorded on the digital version of the original form, in essence creating a high-quality digital archive.
  • Handwriting Capture - Handwriting is recorded by the Anoto digital pen when it is applied in a Capture zone.
  • Mobility - The Anoto digital pen contains a Bluetooth® transceiver that can send recorded data through a mobile device to central data systems, thus allowing handwriting to be captured remotely.
  • ICR - PlanetPress Capture uses alphanumeric Intelligent Character Recognition.  It also applies an accuracy value to the resulting data, enabling the creation of a validation process.

Bring Digital Accuracy and Speed to Pen & Paper

  • Print forms on-demand locally and eliminate pre-printed stationery & shipping
  • Eliminate damaged, lost, irretrievable or illegible documents
  • Speed-up processing and cash flow by triggering any business process at point of signature
  • Input documents with handwriting to EDM systems automatically without manual scanning & data-entry
  • Capture what is written instantaneously and create a highly readable digital archive

Capture Data On-The-Fly and Update Systems In Real Time

  • Capture data on-the-fly and update central systems in real-time, ERP or otherwise, or after a quick validation process depending on the level of accuracy you are comfortable with

No Need To Change Existing Systems

  • Implement a dependable and renown solution that works with your existing systems and necessitates little to no charge to employee work routines