WTS (Web Tracking System)

Product information.

Inbound Tracking Systems: WTS (Web Tracking System)

Track Inbound Packages & Business Assets, Anywhere, Any Time

Forget manual processes, they are time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone.  With WTS, you can track and monitor the internal movement and complete chain-of-custody for every piece of accountable mail and packages that your company receives.

WTS can be deployed quickly and effortlessly.  No need to install and maintain on-premises software.  WTS provides the economies of scale that make cloud computing so attractive.  All you need is a PC with an Internet browser.  No costly servers.  No databases licensing.  No data backups.  No extra IT services.

WTS (Cloud-based)
Quick and effortless to install and maintain, WTS provides the economies of scale that makes cloud computing so attractive.  All you need is a PC with an Internet browser.  No servers, database licensing, data backups or extra IT services.

WTS-P (Premise)
For clientele that prefer a premise-based solution, WTS-P is available in three product levels including Basic, XE and Enterprisse Solutions.  Our knowledgeable sales team will help determine the WTS-P solution that best fits your company's requirements.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Schedule Delivery and Pickup Times
  • Track Mail Pouches, Multi-Package Containers and Their Contents
  • Monitor Full Chain-of-Custody Details
  • Capture Images of Delivered Packages and Mail
  • Import Employee Databases
  • Instant Access to Real-Time Package and Accountable Mail Status
  • Immediate Identification of Misrouted and Undelivered Items
  • Auto-Recognition of Carrier Tracking Numbers
  • Record Image to Capture Damaged Goods