About Us

Neopost Priority Systems represents leading edge manufacturers and software companies in helping you to increase revenue and decrease business expenses in your Business Communications and Logistics operations.

Our customers routinely expect to:

  • Reduce Costs in your Mail Center with our Postal solutions that weigh, rate, post and track your critical mail with perfect accuracy
  • Save time and dramatically reduce postage expenses with our Document Output Systems that create, collate, fold and insert your documents
  • Virtually eliminate returned mail fees and costs with our Address Cleansing Software
  • Significantly increase revenue with our wide range of Promotional Mail Solutions
  • Gain visibility and reduce freight costs with our Parcel Shipping/Logistics Software

Neopost Priority Systems markets a complete line of Postage Meters, Mailing Equipment, Parcel Shipping Systems, Folder Inserters, Letter Openers, Postage Scales and Mailroom furniture throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Neopost Priority Systems's success is built on a solid and unwavering commitment to providing quality products and helping our customers use those products to achieve their unique business objectives. This is a commitment that all Neopost Priority Systems employees take seriously as they strive for total customer satisfaction. A national network of branches, resellers and system integrators supports our products.

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