Full-Service IMpb Requirements Effective January 25, 2015

Thu, 08/28/2014

Full-Service IMpb Requirements Effective January 2015

If you operate a mailroom and use a Neopost or Hasler postage meter to process postage payment for commercial parcels, this page provides you with an overview of what you need to know to stay on top of the new IMpb requirements in 2015.

Post Office implements mandatory barcoding of commercial parcels effective January 25, 2014.

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In addition to changing prices for both Mailing Services and Shipping Services on Sunday, January 25, 2014, the Postal Service also introduced and made mandatory a new requirement to affix tracking barcodes to all commercial parcels.  The impact of the new commercial parcel requirement goes beyond packages and parcels.  It also applies to Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express flat-rate envelopes.  Parcels that do not display an approved barcode risk return and/or delivery delays, as well as increased postage rates in some instances.

The Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IM®pb) is the Postal Service's next generation tracking barcode for parcels and Extra Services.  IMpb-compliant barcodes provide destination routing and piece-level data that enable capabilities, and provide tracking services that compete more effectively in the package and expedited delivery marketplace.

Full compliance with new IMpb requirement includes electronic upload of delivery address information in addition to the labeling requirement.  The Postal Service has extended operators of mailing machines some limited exceptions to the full IMpb requirement through January 25, 2015, however, and customers should follow the instructions below to stay compliant with the new regulations.

Beginning January 25, 2015, operators of mailing machines must meet the full Postal Service IMpb requirements in order to continue to receive Commercial Base Pricing postage discounts, qualify for automatic insurance for Priority Mail, and avoid potential per-piece price adjustments for non-compliant pieces.  Until then, so long as mailers affix a compliant label to their commercial parcels, there are no changes to existing pricing standards for our mailing machine customers.

  • Customers who meter postage with Neopost or Hasler IS, IM, IH and IN-series mailing machines will continue to enjoy discounted Commercial Based Pricing discounts automatically in 2014
  • Customers who subscribe to our eServices service (SP30) to process electronic-rate USPS Tracking Services and electronic-rate Signature Confirmation will continue to receive the electronic-rate discount and should continue to use the current eDelivery, eSignature and eCertified tracking labels
  • Customers who subscribe to our Electronic Return Receipt service (SP35) to process discounted Return Receipt transactions electronically will continue to receive the electronic-rate discount and should continue to use the current eCertified tracking labels

What is a Commercial Parcel?
The U.S. Postal Service now requires mailers to affix an IMpb-compliant package tracking barcode to all commercial parcels.  Commercial parcels include parcels, packages, and Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail pieces of any shape, size, or price category, including flat-rate boxes and envelopes.

USPS Tracking Label 400
If you are not already applying a different USPS Extra Service label, you must affix a pre-printed USPS Tracking Label 400 to every commercial parcel effective January 25, 2014.  USPS® Tracking label 400 provides tracking automatically at no additional cost when mailing parcels by First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail and Standard Post.


The label has a peel-off portion at the bottom that can be retained for your tracking records.

Labels are available from the Postal Service at no cost and will be delivered by mail.  You can order by calling the USPS® Mailing and Shipping Supplies Center at 1-800-610-8734 and following the prompts.

IMpb Solutions Available - neoShip and EMS

There's no need to worry about the new USPS® IMpb requirements when you have Neopost neoShip.  Designed for the low to mid volume shipper, neoShip is a simple online shipping solution that works in conjunction with Neopost IS/IN series and Hasler IM/IH series mailing systems.  With neoShip you can create IMpb compliant shipping labels in four easy steps, and pay for them directly out of your Neopost neoFunds® or Hasler TotalFunds® account.  Shipping packages has never been so easy.

On January 25, 2015 the USPS IMpb requirements will take full effect.  At this time, it will be necessary to use an online shipping solution such as neoShip to qualify for Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) on Neopost IS/IN series and Hasler IN/IM series mailing systems.  In addition to the cost savings associated with CBP, neoShip also offers benefits such as:

Online Consolidated Views of All Shipments
Stay informed by tracking each package as it travels to its destination

Report Generation
Summary and detailed reports based on shipment history, operator shipments and/or transactions are great for account/department chargeback

FREE Address Correction Services
Help prevent delivery delays

Automatic Qualifications of Free Insurance on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™
Up to $50 value on Priority and $100 on Priority Mail Express

We also offer Neopost's Enhanced Mailing & Shipping (EMS) software which is an IMpb compliant shipping and mailing solution that provides you with the tools you need to better manage operation and process items quickly, efficiently and economically.

Available as two applications, EMS - Postal Manager (PM) supports all shipments via the USPS, while EMS - Multi Carrier (MC) supports shipments via USPS®, FedEx®, UPS®, DHL International, and customer carriers.

EMS offers a broad range of cost savings features, value added services, as well sa a comprehensive reporting package.

To learn more about the impact and exact IMpb requirements that apply to your specific mailing equipment and products click here.  You can also call us at (717) 939-2700 or email us.