Immediate Availability on New ConnectSuite eDelivery & Satori Infuse

Thu, 04/16/2015

Available today, Neopost Priority Systems is offering ConnectSuite eDelivery,  With ConnectSuite eDelivery you will effectively manage business critical communications with a multi-channel document delivery system.  ConnectSuite eDelivery enables you to manage customer delivery preferences, migrate customers from traditional mail to effective & secure email communication, simplify payment transactions, improve cash flow and more.

Neopost Priority Systems is also offering the Satori Software Infuse Desktop and Satori Infuse Web Services.  

You depend on accurate contact information to make business decisions, connect with prospects and customers, fulfill orders and control the costs of executing communications programs.  Infuse Desktop gives you the power to clean, correct and update customer and prospect data - whenever needed - so you can more accurately estimate costs, predict response rates, improve sales and run your business more efficiently.

Built for easy integration and maintenance, Satori Infuse Web Services offers a complete set of tools for the development of a contact data quality solution that meets your organization's unique needs.  Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website.  Clean, update and append additional details to contact records in any database.  Add value to your retail product by integrating address quality features.  Infuse works with nearly any application that collects, stores or interacts with contact data.

For more information on ConnectSuite eDelivery, Infuse Desktop, or Infuse Web Services contact us at 717-939-2700 or email us at