Immediate Availability on New ProShip Shipping Solution & PS/DS160 Series Folder Inserters

Mon, 10/06/2014

Available today, Neopost Priority Systems is offering ProShip Software.  ProShip Unified Shipping Software provides you with a full complement of essential cost-management advantages:

Overhead Reduction - built for speed (capable of handling up to one million transactions per hour), ProShip reduces workforce requirements, automating the tracking process, streamlining document production, and eliminating costly errors (and error tracking and correction).

Reduce Shipping Charges - assigning all shipments to the least-cost or most effective mode, carrier and service level, using the lowest published rates or your own negotiated rates (which benefit from ProShip's comprehensive tracking history), accurate package dimension and weight calculations, and error-free processing.  What's more, ProShip covers more carriers and services than any other multi-carrier shipping solution.

Neopost Priority Systems is also offering the new PS/DS160 & PS/DS160HP professional series folder inserters.  The PS/DS160 & PS/DS160HP combine the reliability and technological superiority of the PS/DS200 with the feeding technology from the PS/DS140 series solutions.  They also include new document reading solutions which deliver a level of document intelligence and matching capabilities not offered before in the tabletop marketplace.

The PS/DS160 & PS/DS160HP are based on PS/DS200 technology and the Neopost-brand IMOS operating system.  The new PS/DS160HP system processing speed has increased; it now folds and inserts as many as 5,500 completed mail pieces per hour.  Additionally, the system is now able to maintain a speed of 4,700 pieces per hour processing two sheets.

Ease of Use
The PS/DS160 & PS/DS160HP Performance Version now employ the same PS/DS200 graphical interface and full-color touch-screen controls.  Fast job set-up combined with easy-to-understand graphical instructions for loading documents give users a new standard in this marketplace.

Finally, the new PS/DS160 & PS/DS160HP offer the most comprehensive document reading options of any solution in the professional series market.  Multiple readers for each configuration support a variety of reading technologies and gives you the ability to securely process your important documents.

For more information on the PS/DS160 or PS/DS160HP professional series folder inserters or to arrange a demonstration, contact us at 717-939-2700 or email us at