No Wait, No Lag Makes PA Youth Foundation Feel Like a Priority

Thu, 10/06/2011

When Amy Nace says she’s busy, she’s not kidding. The executive assistant at the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is a key cog in the marketing program for the non-profit and it’s up to her to ensure all of the organization’s promotional mailings and communications go out on schedule after all of the content and creative have been done. So when she runs into a situation that calls for technical support, she expects to get someone on the phone who can help her out as if they were standing right alongside her. That’s why she likes working with Priority Systems, Inc.; the communication is swift, clear and 180-degrees away from what she had with the foundation’s previous resource.

So the story isn’t about price as much as it’s about quality of service. When the Youth Foundation staff decided to look around for other mailing and logistics resources, they pulled in estimates from three different candidates including the incumbent supplier, Pitney Bowes. All three were on the same level in terms of price as Nace recalls, but Priority Systems really stands out in her mind by virtue of the service she gets from the organization.

Nace had a clue this would be the case early on in the transition when Priority took a thorough look at the foundation’s workflow and proposed a configuration that proved to be a real time-saver for the group. In the foundation’s case this involved mailing systems from Hasler/Neopost, specifically the Hasler IM-460 postage machine and Hasler HJ830 address printer along with a software package powered by Satori.

“I’ve saved a great deal of time with the systems Priority installed,” she says. “The interfaces are easy to use and the printing systems definitely speed workflow when we run our bulk mailings. Yet the big difference for me is the level of support I have now that I couldn't get before. Whenever I called Pitney Bowes tech support, I’d have to wait on hold for a very long time and then when I did get a  service rep on the line, we had a problem communicating due to a language barrier with their call center  reps.  I had mentioned this to the company and had been told they were going to change that, but nothing ever got changed.”

With Priority, Nace doesn’t have to wait. “When I call Priority for any reason or question, I get a local person who either gets on the phone immediately to help or gets right back to me ready to help whether it’s about software  or a question about an update. I get my answers right away,” she says.

This immediacy is key since Nace is responsible for running anywhere from 750 to 2,100 individual pieces of promo or newsletter issues out to the foundation’s market in any given month.

“There’s absolutely no doubt the stress level is far less than what it was before,” Nace adds. “Between the software interface and the personal attention I get from Priority, there’s nothing that really gets in my way when I need to keep the marketing moving out the door. We’re very happy.”