Integrated Document Management

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Document Management Software: Hasler IDM

IDM incorporates customizable output management software that easily and efficiently integrates your document production, distribution, archiving and mailing within a single automated operation. It puts you closer to your customers and supply chain by receiving raw/ formatted data from a variety of open and proprietary system environments, transforming them into professional, easy to read business documents.


Using any Windows® application, you have the design capability to create quick, easy and professional document templates to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Lower your postage expenditures through postal automation with USPS® approved CASS and PAVE certification. It ensures that you meet the highest quality standards regarding the assignment of proper Zip codes, address cleansing, and presort accuracy and verification.

Utilize all the features and increased functionality of today’s high-tech printers by integrating them with your application, from high performance network and parallel printing to label printing or company-wide distribution printing.

Using today’s high-speed technologies, you will fully automate the delivery of your communications via the exact route preferred by your customer, whether via the web, e-mail, fax, or regular mail.

Cost-effectively automate your mail processing functions. Whether it involves sorting (in a number of ways), consolidating or mailing, IDM will help you take full advantage of today’s inserting systems by managing the process with intelligent Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).

Simplify your data storage function by automatically preparing documents that need to be saved and by generating digital copies for easy electronic archiving.