Neopost POC Funding Options

NeoFunds (Download Postage Now), ACH Debit (The Most Efficient & Effective Way to Fund Your Account), and Sending Checks & Wires (Even More Leg Work & A Longer Wait) are the funding options available through Neopost.  Keep reading to figure out which funding option is right for you!  

POC Funding Options Overview

Download postage now.  Pay later.  It's that easy.

With Neopost's NeoFunds service you can obtain a pre-established line of credit, allowing you to immediately download postage funds into your meter....and pay for it later.  Getting started is simple.  First, select the plan that is right for you based on your typical monthly postage needs.  Next, sign up for the NeoFunds Service by going to the NeoFunds section of myNeopost.  After accepting Neopost's terms and conditions, you can immediately activate your account and begin using the service.  You are already pre-approved!  Neopost will bill you monthly for your actual postage resets, plus a small account service fee.  Your NeoFunds line of credit makes it easy to budget mailing costs and gives you peace of mind knowing you'll always have postage when you need it most.  In addition, you'll have quick and easy online access to view your postage account balance and history.

NeoFunds Frequently Asked Questions

NeoFunds Support

ACH Debit...
The most efficient and effective way to fund your account.

Use PostageNow Telefunds for the easiest access to unlimited funds on your meter.  Set up is easy - simply fill out Neopost's Postage Now - ACH Debit for Postage Customer Authorization & Agreement and mail it to us with a voided check.  Most applications are processed within 72 hours of receipt.  Upon receipts, we will create two transactions against your checking account.  First is an application fee.  The second is a test transaction to ensure that the bank routing and account information provided is accurate.  You will receive your test transaction fee as postage.  Once these two transactions have posted to your bank account, your ACH is set up and you'll never need to call the POC Center for funding.  After the initial application fee, there is never a transaction fee for using PostageNow Telefunds.  Upon your initiation, your meter will dial into our system and automatically advance the funds you requested.  On the next business day the funds will be taken from the bank account that you specified.

  • Funds Available on Meter:  Immediately
  • Billed to Account:  Next Business Day
  • Transaction Fee:  None (only initial application fee)

Sending Checks (pre-payment by mail)...

Simply write out your check, made payable to the US Postal Service and drop it in the mail.  Between transit and processing time, you should allow 7-10 business days (for regular mail) and 3-4 business days (for overnight mail) for checks to post to your POC account!  The USPS will provide you with green striped payment coupons to include with you payments.  These coupons allow for automated processing.  If you don't have payment coupons:

1.  Make your check payable to the US POSTAL SERVICE.

2.  Write your POC account number on the front of the check.

3.  Mail your check to the addresses below:

(regular mail)

PO Box 7247-0255
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0255

(overnight mail)

First Data/Remitco
Attn: Neopost - 0255
400 White Clay Center Drive
Newark, DE 19711

  • Funds Available on Meter:  Typically, 7 - 10 business days (for regular mail)
  • Funds Available on Meter:  Typically, 3 - 4 business days (for overnight mail)

Sending Wires...

Bank to bank wires are also a popular way to funds your POC account.  From the time funds are requested, they generally get posted to your TMS account within 48 hours.  Contact your bank and request they transfer funds to us.  The funds should be transferred to:

Account Name:  CMRS/Neopost ABA#0210-0008-9

Citibank Account# 4067-8625
111 Wall Street
New York, NY 10043

Your POC Account number MUST be included in the transaction detail field.

  • Funds Available on Meter:  Usually within 48 hours

To access your POC account for account balance information and to request statements of account activity, you can go to myNeopost, email a POC/TMS representative at, or call the POC/TMS Department at 1-800-NEOPOST (1-800-636-7678).