Satori Bulk Mailer 5

Product information.

Postal Discount Software: Satori Bulk Mailer 5

Bulk Mailer 5 breaks new ground in mailing software. It's full features include CASS processing, address verification. change-of-address move updating and advanced presorting. Using Bulk Mailer 5 will save you postage and time when preparing USPS mailings. Other features include EasyTrack, duplication elimination, geocoding and more.

Unsurpassed mail preparation.

Here's where you find the features of Bulk Mailer that set it apart:

  • Bulk Mailer Home – A powerful File Manager/Resource Center.
  • Import/Export – Data exchange has never been easier nor covered more options.
  • Groups – A modern query-builder that is surprisingly easy to use.
  • Address Quality – CASS Certified™ address correction, real-time* USPS® change-of-address updating and duplication searching make your mailings more effective.
  • Views – Choose from multiple Detail (address card format) or customizable List views (spreadsheet format).
  • Mail Sort – Complete, advanced support for First-Class Mail®, Periodicals and Standard Mail™.
  • Print Mail – An unsurpassed, modern Label Designer using full graphical capabilities.
  • Job Builder – This time-saver comes with the Professional Edition.
  • Optional Add-Ons – Choose among EasyTrack, DPV™, RDI™, Package Services sorts, Mixed Weights sorts, Palletization, Firm Packaging, Geocode, international data sets and more.
  • Merge/Purge Add-on – Increase your campaign effectiveness with the optional Merge/Purge add-on.

Modern, state-of-the-art Interface.

Bulk Mailer 5 brings a revolutionary design to the mailing industry.

  • Advanced graphics – Makes unlocking the power of Bulk Mailer 5 easy.
  • Wizard-based processes – Makes complicated tasks error-free.
  • Template architecture – Allows you to save frequently used tasks as reusable templates. A big time saver!
  • Real-time* Move Update service – Gets you up-to-the-minute change-of-address data without delay.
  • Graphical Label Designer – Full graphics, barcoding and mail preparation capability in a cutting-edge designer.

Live Links to keep you current & informed:

Bulk Mailer 5 is never static – it is designed for the Internet age.


  • Live updates – Bulk Mailer 5 will check via the Internet for new versions and update you automatically.
  • Dynamic Resource Center – Help and industry information are just a click away.
  • Links to Satori Software – Send us your feedback via e-mail and Web site links built into the software.