Inkjet Technology

Buskro designs and manufactures a full line of innovative inkjet imaging equipment to meet a broad range of variable data printing (VDP) requirements, from single printhead addressing to multiple printhead form and transaction applications.

Tabbing & Labeling

Gain extra production time and, ultimately, make higher profits with a system that permits faster, easier setup and changeovers, along with tighter wrap and tab placement accuracy.


Today's complex mail & print processes demand sophisticated control and job management.  All Buskro controllers come equipped with the latest version of Compose IQ software.  These advanced controllers are flexible enough to meet the needs of any variable data printing (VDP) application.

Some of the standard features are their modular, open architecture that allows you to expand your line as your business grows.  Advanced functions such as OCR read and print with real time one to one product tracking can be easily added.


Powerful and easy-to-use print control software that is capable of driving all available Buskro inkjet technologies.  From the most basic printing applications to more advanced system integrations, Compose IQ software gives you all the powerful system control and data manipulation elements required to meet your current needs and provides a platform for future growth.

Bases - Inline & Offline

Buskro bases feature rugged, heavy-duty construction that promote years of trouble free operation.  Designed and built to the highest standards, these transport bases are durable and dependable.  Inline and offline transport bases are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and highest print quality for every mail and print application.