Inscerco Mfg - Mailcrafters


The ability to custom design system solutions that can be utilized to exceed the needs of your most challenging business applicatiions.  The product line begins with the ProMailer 6.0 inserter.


The high production models are the Edge series inserters available in 4 models = 9800, 9800L, 1200, and 1200X.


If your demands are for more production the 9800 Edge II Series inserter is for you.


If your needs are for an intelligent inserter that does in-line reading, gathering of documents, folds them and then select the material out of the station that needs to go with that set of documents - the Thor or Apollo system is for you.


To complete your mailing, we have ink jets that mount on the output end of the inserter.  If your needs are to print addresses from a file, use the I.I.S. Inkjet.  If you need to read account numbers off a document and then print the correct address on that envelope, use the R.L.I. Inkjet.