Straight Shooter

Take friction feeding to a new level with these exclusive features:

Buckle Separation Technology™

Eliminates the high friction "nip" point common on other feeders.  It allows for smooth feeding without the jams, plus increases the belt and separator lives.  Nip points cause jams and peel back the top layers of multi-layered media, but not with Straight Shooter.  Their exclusive Buckle Technology™ separates without pressure and allows for a variation of thickness in feeding the media, even within the same stack.  Their separators are placed between the belts, not over the belts or over a rolloer like other machines.  This takes away the high friction "nip" point common on other feeders.

Repositional Feed Belts

Allow you to customize the feeder for every job.

One-Piece Paper Guides

Guide your media all the way through the machine.

Paper Guides That Descend Below the Feed Belts

Pieces won't slide out from underneath the guides, as on other feeders.

Dual, Independently Adjustable Paper Separators

Enables you to put each separator where you want.  Each separator can also be set independently for pieces of varying thickness.

5 Minute Belt Replacement

Straight Shooter's exclusive "Drop In Shafts" making changing belts a breeze for anyone.

Reversible Back Wedge with Adjustable Angle

Easily handles anything from business card sizes to 15" long pieces.