PE-150 Mail Tracking Service

Track Your Mail from Induction to Delivery

The PE-150 Mail Tracking Service is a web-enabled easy-to-use solution that provides state-of-the art mail tracking when combined with the PE-150 Production Printing Solution. The service offers a user-friendly, online interface that enables users a complete view into the life of their mailings. Mail data is updated in near real-time from when it enters the postal system to when it is to be delivered. A robust reporting engine offers a wide range of standard reports and the ability to produce ad hoc reporting as desired.  One of the service’s unique features is the ability to schedule reports to run on a specific date or on a recurring basis and be delivered to the end-user via email.

Leverage the benefits of the PE-150 Mail Tracking Service today:

  • Monitor and manage your entire mailing
  • Know exactly when mail was sent and delivered
  • Lookup delivery status on a single piece
  • 24/7 Access to industry-leading reports
  • Schedule report delivery via e-mail
  • Create ad hoc reporting
  • Monitor delivery performance