Neopost docuTransfer

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Easily Automate the Creation & Delivery of Your Critical Customer Communications

docuTransfer increases mailroom productivity by automating the creation and production of your business critical communications.

docuTransfer's user-friendly interface includes drag and drop "plug-in" based workflow components and templates that allow you to:

  • Effortlessly implement address data correction with Satori Software® integration to ensure your documents reach the intended recipient
  • Personalize your communications with professional looking graphics, logos and charts
  • Add intelligent inserter marks to enhance document security and control folder inserters (ex: grouping, integrity, selective inserting)
  • Batch documents to support multiple printers, optimal inserter throughput and maximum print center flexibility
  • Achieve greater profitability for your business
  • Reduce production costs
  • Facilitate postal presorting with the power of Satori Software to utilize USPS®  automation discounts
  • Streamline the creation, production and distribution of your communications for shortened billing cycles and reduction in your day sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Improve marketing return on investment by including customer-specific promotional offers within your communications

Certify your mail electronically with docuTransfer e-Certify
e-Certify is an option for docuTransfer Pro which provides the workflow functionality required to send USPS e-certified documents with "proof of mailing" or "signature required" functionality.  Mailing results are electronically retrieved from USPS PostalOne web services and may be stored on either a local MS SQL server or a cloud-based portal on the Internet (DocuArchive).

Why docuTransfer?
docuTransfer increases mailroom productivity by automating the creation and production of your business critical customer communications.  Effortlessly implement address correction with Satori Software integration, presonalize your communications, control folder inserters and add inserter marks to enhance document security.  The docuTransfer suite of tools is sure to deliver dramatic efficiency gains and overall cost savings for your organization.

docuTransfer, powered by Krengeltech,  can integrate DPM (Delivery Preference Manager), which provides for a truly comprehensive Customer Communication Management solution.  Together, docuTransfer and DPM can increase productivity and enhance document composition while allowing companies a simple and secure method to manage their multi-channel communications.