M3500 / DS65

Product information.

Folding Inserting Systems: M3500/DS65

The best choice for small and medium-size businesses

Sensors are used to track and monitor the paper and envelope path of the folder inserter to ensure your envelopes are inserted with precision.  When processing your documents or mailings with variable pages, the M3500/DS65 ensures that our state-of-the-art reading technology reads the barcodes on the document.  In this way, we make sure your envelopes are inserted with full integrity, each and every time.

The M3500/DS65 is equipped with everything you need to process your common business applications.  Customization is as easy as adding one or two optional feeders, now or in the future.  The M3500/DS65 produces professional looking mail pieces every time, while you concentrate on other important tasks in your organization.


1 - Load Your Documents

2 - Load Your Envelopes

3 - Press Start

Customer mailings that have a variable number of pages are time consuming when sorted by hand.  The M3500/DS65 processes multi-page invoices and statements automatically.  By adding a barcode to your document, the M3500/DS65 can collate the correct number of pages and insert them into your envelope.  We have designed a software tool, OMS100, which can add a barcode in a few simple steps.  OMS100 software uses your print file and adds the barcode prior to printing the document.

Key Features:

  • Processing speeds of up to 2,400 envelopes per hour 1 page #10
  • Maximum capacity of 8 sheets Single fold or 5 sheets Tri-Fold
  • powerFold™ folding capacity - up to 8 sheets 20 lbs
  • Program up to 20 jobs
  • A full color touch screen

Configurations available:

  • 1 Document Feeder
  • 1 Document Feeder + 1 BRE Feeder
  • 2 Document Feeders
  • 2 Document Feeders + 1 BRE Feeder

Peripherals and Options:

  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to automate variable page sets of documents
  • Barcode Reading (BCR) vertically and horizontally of documents
  • Custom stand with optional storage

Typical System Usage: Up to 20,000 filled envelopes per month