Production Products

PS/DS1200 G3 High Efficiency Mail Inserter

Whatever your business requirements, thePS/DS1200 G3 can be configured with the appropriate modules to precisely meet them. Should your organisation grow and change its needs, you can rest assured that you can simply upgrade or expand your PS/DS1200 G3 to suit. All modifications can be carried out on-site, usually in less than a day.

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The PS/DS200 is a powerful solution that has an advanced modular design that is designed to grow with your needs. The PS/DS200 folding and inserting system can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of the widest range of mailing applications. You'll find practical innovation everywhere you look.

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PS/DS160 & PS/DS160HP

The PS/DS160 is ideal for statements, invoices, payroll and sensititve applications requiring a high level of accuracy.  The PS/DS160HP delivers optimum practical speed and versatile operation.

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