M5500 / DS75

Folding Inserting Systems: M5500/DS75

The M5500/DS75 Folder Inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mailroom environment thanks to its unique low level noise and compact footprint. It draws its strengths from the successes of its predecessor the M5000/DS75 with several enhancements providing additional value in key areas. Highlights are...

Greater Productivity

  • Increased processing speed
  • High capacity document feeder holding up to 725 sheets of 20 lb. paper
  • High capacity vertical stacker holding up to 500 envelopes

Greater Mailing Application Flexibility and Support

  • Increased folding capacity
  • Support for barcode reading in personalizing transactional and marketing mail

Enhanced Ease of Use

  • New graphical color touch screen designed for novice users
  • Semi-automatic envelope separation setup
  • Sealing liquid level detection
  • Automated sealing capability

It is productivity made easy.

The M5500/DS75 can process a wide variety of mail pieces for direct marketing efforts, campaigns, invoicing, monthly statements and virtually any other application your company can or will do. 


Peripherals and Options:

  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to automate variable page sets of documents

  • Conveyor stacker that holds up to 200 filled envelopes

  • BRE Maxifeeder with 7 times the standard insert capacity
  • Special feeders for extra thick/thin or glossy/slick materials

  • Custom stand with optional storage

Typical System Usage: Up to 40,000 filled envelopes per month