SP 5080 Industrial Shredder/Baler Combo

The SP 5080 Industrial Shredder/Baler  is a compact, high performance unit. This powerful system presses the cut material directly in a collecting bag without strapping it.

  • Mobile on casters
  • A reusable collecting bag can be used as an alternate to cartons
  • The cartons (or optionally available collecting bags) do not have to be strapped - this facilitates handling
  • Easy to remove carton or collecting bag with special removal and transport trolley
  • The optimized HSM transfer technology prevents documents by-passing the cutting device without being shredded.
  • Closed, dust-free material transfer from the paper shredder to the baling press
  • Integrated overall controller for paper shredder and baling press
  • Maintenance - free and long lived electro-hydraulics
  • Torsion-free guidance of press ram, prevents incorrect loading
  • Operating instructions via full text display