IM330 / IS330

Product information.

Top Benefits of the IM330/IS330 Intelligent Mailing Solution


  • Quick & Efficient Mail Processing– The IM330/IS330 comes standard with a powerful, semi-automatic feeder which processes mail at up to 35 letters per minute.Get your mail done quickly with the IM330/IS330.
  • Fast Weighing & Metering– Process your mail easily using the IM330/IS330's built-in, space saving weighing platform. Simply place your mail on the weighing platform and the rate is automatically calculated.Remove the envelope and "Smart Start" automatically starts the power feeder - quickly metering your mail with the exact postage required. "Smart Start" helps make processing mail fast and easy so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • Makes A Great Impression – Proven HP digital ink jet technology prints a crisp, clean imprint every time.Also, with the IM330/IS330 you can select customized or standard advertising slogans, or design a text message to personalize and reinforce communications and promote customer relations.


  • Simple To Operate The IM330/IS330 offers automatic date set, user shortcut keys, and IM Rate Wizard which helps select mail classes and combines the appropriate special services.Ease of use and simplicity mean quicker user understanding and less time spent running mail.
  • Ready When Needed– Always be up to date on new USPS rate changes through automatic downloads of the latest postal rates.Simplify your business processes by receiving "low ink" alerts via email for timely ink cartridge reordering, and eliminate postage pre-payment through it's easy and convenient "download postage now, pay later" capability.

Cost Control

  • Keeps Supply Costs Low– The IM330/IS330 prints the latest USPS approved IBI-Lite indicia which requires less ink. In addition, the IM330/IS330 offers reliable and low cost self adhesive labels.
  • Departmental Accounting– Track postage for up to 10 departments and remotely access usage information, graphs and reports online (Industry exclusive).

Service Support

  • Service By People Who Care– You get the best of both - a world class mailing solution incorporating the latest technology and the industry's best rated service performed by your local dealer.Personal service and support is what makes us America's better choice!

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