Postal Scales

Product information.

Hasler scales offer electronic postal weighing efficiencies to fit any need. Scale capacities include 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. for light volume, 20 lbs. and 30 lbs. for medium volume mail and shipping, and 70 lbs. for heavy processing. Hasler’s diverse line of scales and weighing platforms ensure the correct postage is always applied no matter the size or weight of your mailing. They instantly compute and display the exact postage rates and special services, if required, for all mail and parcels.

And with the optional “Differential Weighing" feature, you get one of the fastest methods for instant processing of individual pieces of mixed size, weight and class of mail - up to five times faster than conventional methods.

Hasler’s weighing platforms also integrate with the WJ series mailing systems and offer the operator a new level of simplicity and ease of operation. Hasler’s weighing platforms can save you time and money whether you process a few mail pieces per day or several thousand per hour.*


The IWP5 is a 5 lb. weight platform that is custom designed for the WJ65, WJ95 and WJ110. It attaches conveniently to the mailing machine above the system control panel, offering built-in convenience in a space saving design.

The WJWP10, WJWP30 and WJWP70 platforms rate mail up to ten, thirty, and seventy pounds respectively plus offer true differential weighing technology which speeds processing while ensuring accurate and quick application of postage. You simply place a tub of items too big or heavy to run through the mailing system on the weighing platform. As items are individually removed, the system will automatically calculate the weight of the item, set the correct postage rate, and dispense a tape.


Combine Hasler’s Dynamic Weighing Platform with the WJ150, WJ185, WJ220, or WJ250, and you can process mixed weight mail at speeds up to 130 LPM. The ability to “weigh in motion” means there's nothing to sort or weigh by hand. You'll reduce labor costs and increase productivity with the simple touch of a button. The WJDWP handles dynamic, batch or pass thru processing, and it automatically calculates the rate for oversized mail without operator intervention.


*We also offer several heavy duty postal and shipping scales with weighing capacities up to 150 lbs.