TRTD / WJR30 Roll Tape Dispenser

Product information.

There’s nothing to peel!

  • Designed for mail centers that generate high quantities of postage labels, the TRTD/WJR30 linerless roll tape dispenser prints ready-to-stick meter tapes on demand. There's nothing to peel and no moistening required. Just print and apply
  • The TRTD/WJR30 is designed to interface with Neopost & Hasler mailing systems to improve productivity and reduce meter tape cost for thick flats and package applications
  • Fast printing – up to 30 labels per minute
  • Produces USPS approved meter tapes complete with information-based indicia
  • Prints mail class and advertising dies
  • Automatic length adjustment – tapes are trimmed to the exact size, preventing waste
  • Direct thermal printing requires no ink whatsoever and does not fade
  • High capacity – approximately 600 tapes per roll
  • Multiple meter tapes can be generated "on demand." The operator simply presses a green button to release additional postage tapes one at a time
  • Automatic end-of-roll detection - The TRTD/WJR30 automatically ensures there is enough length left on the roll before printing postage on tape
  • Connect the TRTD/WJR30 quickly and easily to the Neopost IJ70/80/90/110 and the Hasler WJ150/185/220/250 mailing systems