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Neopost EMS powerful analytics offer many tools to manage cost and build customer relationships.  This technology can analyze your customer's mail and shipping operations and pinpoint incorrect addresses, lost packages and identify where money is being wasted.  The address correction feature eliminates many of the problems that lead to returned and misdirected deliveries, delayed deliveries, and address correction fees.  Additionally, EMS helps you manage and allocate costs by accounts, carrier, special service and operator productivity.

Key Features:

  • Shape Up Advisor analyzes mail center operations and identifies where money can be saved
  • Advisor™ reports help analyze your company's shipping operations
  • PAR™ program reports a package's route and delivery status by accessing the Internet
  • What If Report provides analysis of actual usage by carrier

Multiple Shipper Number Support
EMS provides support for complete company identities, allowing the shipper to process for multiple divisions, clients or customers.  This powerful feature creates a separate return address and discrete billing based on carrier account numbers, which saves accounting time and increases accuracy.  It is indispensable for separate entity support to third-party logistics providers (3PL).

Database Interchange (DBI) Enhanced Option
DBI is an integration tool that allows users to map and exchange data between fields of OBDC-compliant databases and the EMS database.  This enhanced feature allows faster processing while virtually eliminating error-prone, illegible, handwritten information.

Neopost's Enhanced Mailing & Shipping (EMS) software is an IMpb compliant shipping and mailing solution that provides you with the tools you need to better manage operations and process items quickly, efficiently and economically.

Available as two applications, EMS - Postal Manager (PM) supports all shipments via the USPS, while EMS - Multi Carrier (MC) supports shipments via USPS®, FedEx®, UPS®, DHL International, and customer carriers.

EMS offers a broad range of cost saving features, value added services, as well as a comprehensive reporting package.

Manage Costs:

- Easily configure your EMS system to propose the best method of shipment based on your business's specific criteria

- Add automatic fuel surcharges when applicable

- Shape Advisor offers you a tip before you ship!  Once an item is put on the scale, the system provides a host of cost saving delivery options based on alternate packaging and available services

- Advisor Reports provide post-shipment transaction data and offer suggestions for the future including: shipping room efficiency; alternative carrier options; and analysis of service utilization

- International Mail Advisor ensures your shipments meet all rules and regulations for international deliveries, saving you time and money.  With EMS, you can prepare and print all required customs documentation, forms and labels

Rate Shopping:

- Provides a graphical calendar snapshot of:

- Each carrier

- Available shipping dates

- Associated delivery charges

24/7 Tracking and Delivery Status:

- With EMS, you can be integrated to carrier websites

- With the click of a button you will know whether your item is in route, delayed or delivered

- Email alerts can easily be set up to keep you informed

Address Correction and Validation Services:

- Provides the guaranteed best routing decisions and address correction for your packages

- Address verification eliminates many of the problems that lead to delayed deliveries as well as high fees associated with returned and misdirected deliveries (air/ground)

Comprehensive Reporting Package:

- Streamline the task of managing information

- Increase visibility of postage/shipping costs

- Expose waste

- Simplifies account/department chargeback to internal and external customers

- Easily create summary or detailed reports by month, week, or day in just minutes!

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