Postal Expense Manager

Postage Expense Manager provides you with the ability to view your mailing system's data online and generate reports via myNeopost.  With Postage Expense Manager, data such as mail piece count/dollar totals and departmental/USPS mail class is available right at your fingertips.

The data can be filtered by time period (one month, multiple months, or by year) with up to 13 months of data available for month-over-month comparisons (i.e. Jan 2014 to Jan 2015).  It is also possible to filter the data for one specific department and time frame.

Postage Expense Manager also allows you to easily convert your accounting data to charts including pies and graphs.  Whether it is departmental, USPS mail class or monthly information, all it takes is a simple click of the mouse to change that data into a chart.  There's even a one-click export to Excel feature that can streamline data transfer to your company's ERP or accounting software systems.  Updated data is available at myNeopost as often as it is uploaded to the server, whether it is the automatic call at the end of the month or a manual call at anytime throughout the month. 

Features Include:

  • View mailing system’s data online by department or mail class
  • Generate reports for up to 13 months
  • Export the data to Excel
  • Track postage expenses
  • Budget effectively
  • Turn your mail room into a profit center
  • Automatic end of month data uploads
  • Tracking by department name, number or status
  • Listing by USPS mail classes
  • Sort by mail class, number of items or costs
  • Generate graphical reports by department, USPS mail class or user defined time periods