Satori Infuse Web Services

Product information.

Build Better Customer Data for Better Results

Built for easy integration and maintenance, Satori Infuse Web Services offers a complete set of tools for the development of a contact data quality solution that meets your organization's unique needs.  Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website.  Clean, update and append additional details to contact records in any database.  Add value to your retail product by integrating address quality features.  Infuse works with nearly any application that collects, stores or interacts with contact data.

Key Features:

  • Constructs an accurate and complete customer profile
  • Enhances your records and enables more personalized communications
  • Promotes offers by household, geography or psychographics
  • Helps prevent customer attrition and increases retention rates
  • Easily integrates with your contact database and business applications


  • More effective customer communications
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced attrition rates
  • Expedited collection of receivables
  • Confidence in accuracy of stored customer data