Kewill Flagship

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Outbound Systems: Kewill Flagship

Expediting the delivery process for large volumes of domestic parcels can be a complicated and challenging problem. Adding the complex and sometimes unpredictable nature of international shipments to the mix, with their multifaceted compliance and documentation requirements can significantly increase the challenge.

To satisfy the demands of your domestic and international customers, you want to feel confident that no matter how high your volumes, no matter where packages are destined, your shipments will be delivered on time with minimal interruptions.

  • High volume - Kewill Flagship supports high performance and high volume shipping
  • International origin and destinations - Kewill Flagship supports the broadest set of carriers in the industry serving both domestic and international requirements
  • Global trade compliance – Kewill Flagship provides export documentation and compliance checks for all your international shipments
  • Unlimited Locations - Kewill Flagship has been deployed to companies with thousands of users and hundreds of locations.
  • Wave planning – The scalability, performance and flexibility of Kewill Flagship facilitates and streamlines wave planning to ensure shipping options are tightly integrated into the process.
  • Complex business processes - Kewill Flagship supports the most sophisticated business rules such as break bulk, advance rate shopping and multi-leg zone skipping.

With one fully integrated system Kewill can bring together several important components of the supply chain in to a single, seamless system, increasing efficiency and decreasing corporate costs.