Inbound Systems

Logistical Software: Inbound Systems

Inbound logistical software provides the total solution for tracking incoming deliveries, inventorying company assets and logging in visitors to your facility. With an inbound system, the laborious and time consuming process of manually logging in deliveries is replaced with a state of the art system that can record, track and report on every step a delivery makes in your company.

WTS (Web Tracking System)

WTS (Web Tracking System) is designed for businesses of any size. WTS provides numerous of convenient, on-demand services to automate all your inbound delivery needs. It dramatically improves the management of your company's internal delivery process by increasing reliability, accelerating productivity and decreasing costs!

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SCL-Intra Enterprise

SCL-Intra allows any user to track any object, and monitor distribution, anywhere within your facility; yet it's flexible enough to adapt to the way your business already works. Read More