CubiScan 100

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Outbound Systems: CubiScan 100


The CubiScan 100, an integrated cubing and weighing system, gives you total control in any distribution center or warehouse application.  Image the benefits of collecting your package information (weight and size) quickly and consistently - there's no need for second guessing, no room for human error, no reason to re-enter data, and no data corruption.  And, the information is easily transferred to your data processing system where it can be used immediately.

Tested and certified as a type-approved, legal-for-trade cubing and weighing device, the CubiScan 100 (LFT version) is a valuable tool in freight manifesting.  Quicker and more reliable than manual measurements, the CubiScan 100 helps shippers get it right the first time by applying the correct dimensional-based shipping charges and eliminating those costly charge-backs.  For carriers, you can easily and reliably audit the freight you receive from customers.

An integrated digital display and control panel allow finger-tip control.  Innovative software gives you numerical dimensions and weight and an instantaneous, three-dimensional graphical representation of the parcel being measured.  Time is money.  And so is real estate.  Make the best use of both.

UPS and FedEx Dimensional Weight Policies December 2014/January 2015