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Outbound Systems: ProShip

Turning Shipping Into A Competitive Advantage

ProShip transaction speed is unmatched in our industry.  Being the fastest and most carrier compliant enterprise class, multi-carrier software is not taken lightly.  Our global customer base is made up of the very largest of shippers in the Manufacturing, Retail, 3rd Party Logistics, Life Sciences and Distribution Industries.

Certifications, connections, and integrations to SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Manhattan, RedPrairie and most any ERP, CRM, WMS, and TMS makes ProShip the first choice among large compliance Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business centric shippers.

ProShip's ability to fit into automated shipping lines, pre-pack and pre-ship scenarios, hosted and cloud environments, as well as traditional end-of-line shipping, makes it the choice of all business professionals regardless of their day-to-day responsibilities or customer demands.

Ship hazardous goods easily.  The challenges of shipping dangerous goods, LTL, TL, BI, International, AESDirect, and Postal Hybrids, unique billing terms and other specialized shipping requirements are typical for ProShip customers.

ProShip Experience Options:

ProShip Velocity is designed for extreme throughput in your high velocity distribution environments.

Velocity, like other user interface options, takes advantage of our exclusive "white board" approach offering users the ability to simply configure the look and feel of Velocity to mimic internal terminology, workflow, and operational business rules.

ProShip's architecture is database agnostic allowing for write back of all available data fields directly to your internal Data Base of Record.  If you can describe what rules you would like integrated, ProShip's Business Rule engine can accommodate.

ProShip Office is our browser-based user experience.

Office was created for fast implementation across hundreds of desktops without additional required software.  Office is an integral part of ProShip's reporting and Business Analytics Tools, as well as the Scheduling and proactive Tracking Modules.

Office will allow multi-location users to ship from a company's intranet site or non-logistics personnel to create a ship request or "travelers" to generate a "license plate" that allows qualified shipping personnel to review and perform the final shipping process at the mailroom or ship point or directly from the desktop.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
ProShip SDK unleashes the power of the ProShip Server to any front-end or web application.

Whether you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who wants the powerful ProShip rating and shipping engine built into your application or you simply want to control the user interface or integrate to a conveyor, print and apply, or dimensionalizer system, the ProShip SDK is the flexible solution for you.