Address Correction and Validation

Bulk Mailer

Unsurpassed mail preparation.  Modern, state-of-the-art Interface.  It's full features include CASS processing, address verification, change-of-address move updating and advanced presorting.  Using Bulk Mailer will save you postage and time when preparing USPS mailings.  Other features include EasyTrack, duplication elimination, geocoding and more.


Develop an address management solution that meets your unique needs. Instantly validate addresses in web forms. Update addresses in any database. Integrate mail sorting into a custom application. Architect supports .NET, COM, web services and other technologies for easy integration and maintenance.

MailRoom ToolKit

MailRoom Toolkit offers cleaned and corrected addresses, postal presorting and barcoded addresses all from within your original database and software application.  YES - completely integrated.  MailRoom ToolKit is built upon COM technology, which makes deployment easy within a number of different environments and simplifies ongoing maintenance.  MailRoom ToolKit installs instantly with no coding required inside Microsoft Office (Access, Excel & Word) and includes its own toolbar.


The EasyTrack add-on service for Bulk Mailer provides you with valuable visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS mail stream.  Use EasyTrack Snapshot to generate a clear summary of all scan activity for a single mailing.  Upgrade to EasyTrack Complete for access to all reports, maps and individual mail piece tracking.


Speed data entry in a variety of applications, such as contact centers, CRM systems, accounting packages and more with Capture. Save time and increase accuracy — enter full addresses with the fewest possible keystrokes. Innovations like visual field mapping and automatic signature activation make using the software with multiple applications fast and easy. And our powerful search technology returns the right address without the hassles of spelling complex streets and cities.

On-Demand Data Enrichment Services

The data challenges today are many.  They can vary from struggling with an increasing number of customer interaction points to managing more customer data than ever before.  Cloud-based On-Demand Data Enrichment Services helps organizations address the many challenges faced today in keeping their customer information up-to-date.  Data Enrichment Services can quickly update customer records across multiple systems where contact data is stored and continues to maintain accuracy.  This is vital to staying in touch with customers and ensuring critical communications reach the intended recipient.