Supplies Return and Ink Cartridge & Print Head Warranty Policies

Supplies Return Policy
Neopost Priority Systems will only accept returns of supplies in their original packaging and unopened within 30 Days of Purchase Date.  Customers wishing to return items must obtain a Return Authorization prior to returning any supply items.  In order to do so, please contact Neopost Priority Systems at 717.939.2700, Leonard Griggs, or email and provide original order number and date of purchase.  

Orders over $250 will incur a 20% restocking fee, unless Neopost Priority Systems shipped incorrect product or quantity.

Neopost Priority Systems will not accept nor credit returns of Special Order items.

Items shipped or delivered to Neopost Priority Systems without prior authorization will not be credited.

Ink Cartridge and Print Head Warranty Policy
Ink cartridges are warranted for 90 days from the Date of Purchase.  To claim warranty credit, customer must provide original order number, date of purchase and the cartridge must have more than 50% of the ink remaining in the cartridge (measured by weight).<--break->

Exception: Hasler WJ220, WJ250, WJpro and Neopost IJ90, IJ110, IJ-15K Print Heads are warranted for 30 days from the Date of Installation if failure is due to a defective ink regulator or a manufacturing defect.  All defects are subject to verification by Neopost Priority Systems.  (These products register installation date internally.)