Metered Postage USPS Refund Request

Metered Postage USPS Refund Request

Requests for refunds on metered postage must be completed through the United States Postal Service.  The regulations and steps to process your request, including Application & Voucher for Refund of Postage, Fees & Service (Form 3533) are listed below.  This information is direct from USPS's website  If you need additional assistance you will need to contact your local Post Office.


9.3.2 Unused, Dated Postage Evidencing System Indicia, Except PC Postage Indicia
Unused, dated postage meter indicia are considered for refund only if complete, legible, and valid. See 9.3.3 for PC Postage indicia refunds. Submit refund requests for unused dated postage meter indicia as follows:

a. Authorized users must submit the request to their local Post Office. The refund request must include proof that the person or entity requesting the refund is the authorized user of the postage meter that printed the indicia. Acceptable proof includes a copy of the lease, rental agreement, or contract.

b. Authorized users must include the items bearing the unused postage with their request to their local Post Office. The items must be sorted by meter used and then by postage value shown in the indicia, and must be properly faced and bundled in groups of 100 identical items when quantities allow. The request is processed by the USPS. The postmaster approves or denies the refund request.

c. Authorized users must submit the refund request within 60 days of the date(s) shown in the indicia.

d. When unused metered postage is affixed to a mailpiece, the refund request must be submitted with the entire envelope or wrapper. For those items with postage affixed to a large container (i.e., cardboard box), a sufficient portion of the container with the postage affixed must be included to validate that the item was never deposited with the USPS. The unused metered postage must not be removed from the mailpiece once applied.

e. Indicia printed on labels or tapes not adhered to wrappers or envelopes must be submitted loose and must not be stapled together or attached to any paper or other medium. Self-adhesive labels printed without a backing may be submitted on a plain sheet of paper.

f. If a part of one indicium is printed on one envelope or card and the remaining part on one or more, the envelopes or cards must be fastened together to show that they represent one indicium.

g. Refunds are allowable for indicia on metered reply envelopes only when it is obvious that an incorrect amount of postage was printed on them.

h. Submit a refund request with a separate Form 3533 for each meter for which a refund is requested. Complete all identifying information and sections of the form. Charges for processing a refund request for unused, dated meter indicia are as follows, depending on the total face value of the indicia:

1. When the total face value of the indicia is $350 or less, the amount refunded is 90% of the face value. USPS may process the refund payment via a no-fee postal money order; or

2. When the total face value of the indicia is more than $350, the amount refunded is the total face value reduced by $35 per hour for the USPS time to process the refund, with a minimum charge of $35. The charge is $35 for each hour spent, with the last fraction of an hour treated as a full hour. For example, if the time to process the refund is 2 hours and 12 minutes, the charge is $35 for 3 hours ($105), which is deducted from the total face value of the indicia. USPS may process the refund payment via a no-fee postal money order for amounts up to $500. Payment processing for refunds of $500.01 or more is through the Accounting Service Center.